A polite note

To whom has found me,

My name is Luis, and I’d like to welcome you to Minoru Blvd—which happens to be the name of the street where I grew up. I have always thought there to be something so endearing and inviting about connecting the title of this practice to this particular place. Even today, it happens to remain where I live, but more importantly, it represents the nostalgic idea of remembering and appreciation where one comes from; where stories, and life itself, unfold. 

Curiosity and wonderment have led me to immerse myself within the ever-growing creative fields of art, music, technology, and philosophy. And over the last decade this inquisitiveness, and an insatiable pursuit of understanding and creating beauty, have bestowed upon me the great honour of helping a brilliant collection of people—entrusted by some of the most fantastic brands and businesses, both locally and internationally.

The passion of this practice is in ideation, strategy, and storytelling. And within these realms, I offer private counsel, photography, and filmmaking—more about these services.

If something within the work or philosophy has connected with you, I look forward to hearing from you.


Luis Valdizon

It takes a village

I am very fortunate to have had my work represented within the pages of reputable publications such as Monocle Magazine, as well as in a brand book compiled the international award-winning creative studio, Winkreative. I have also worked on online and social advertising packages presented by the prestigious Fairmont Hotels, and have created some of the most "powerful location images" for the world's most desirable and innovative place to sweat, Equinox.

Other clients include Westbank, Rennie Group, Vancouver Art Gallery, Leisure Center, MONTECRISTO Magazine, IDS, Ste. Marie, Bocci, MMcKinley Burkart Architecture + Interior Design, Patagonia, as well as New Balance.


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